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Kyoto RBSS-75, The Sandstone Finish 75 Gallon Rain Barrel

List Price: $139

Sale Price:$139

Shipping: Eligible for Free Shipping

Kyoto RBSS-75 is 75 gallon rain barrel is one of most popular rain barrel from Kyoto. If you want to know basic information of this rain barrel, look below.

  • Unique Stone-look style.
  • Corrosion proof screen guard protection.
  • Brass Spigot easily accessible to fill watering can.
  • Over-flow pipe at top.
  • Drain Plug to evacuation water and sludges at the bottom of the tank.

Today I bought this rain barrel from Amazon. At first I most impressed with product quality and design, the faucet place very balance and I really wonder that Kyoto RBSS-75 can store water and fill up quickly. This is my conclusion of Kyoto RBSS-75


  • Impressive design, looks expansive pottery
  • Install very easy, no need to modify your rain gutter, just simply re-route it
  • Metal faucet of this rain barrel is very nice looking
  • Have overflow rain pipe at the top of barrel and another one at bottom near metal faucet
  • Bottom faucet is place high enought to fill my water can
  • Amazon delivery is really quick and made me impressed


  • None