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My new printer, Brother HL5370DW

If you want to buy some printer to work at your office or do work at home. Many people consideration is abour ink efficient, print speed , startup time but I’m think about only one consideration point, that is quality of print and this is a one of printer I buy yesterday “Brother HL5370DW” and I will share the experience for you to consider about this guy.

I decided that this is becoz the most important functions such as duplexing and wireless at an affordable price, this is all going perfectly.  It ‘s easy to see the router everything my way. duplex auto works great! There are many more expensive printers are not even the duplex. The only thing that I have this provision should be made with plastic parts, too fragile. WPA2 are connected fine and the receiver a lot. Another favorite feature, you can press the “Go” button on the printer for a few seconds and reprints of previous work for you, which comes in handy when you want to print coupons that allow only one print. I read that it is strong. I disagree. It sounds like a typical machine when printing, where the fans spin up. Heating takes a few seconds then prints at a speed that blows away my old HP 5L. Goes back to silence, once the finished work. The printer is a bit ‘big, maybe only for B / W printer, but its clean form of a nut that is well placed on the table.I installed the driver on a laptop with Windows 7 easily find the printer, virtually foolproof. I had no problems installing the software on my desktop Windows 7. For those who are intimidated by hearing words like SSID and WPA2 etc., may find the setup instructions confusing. The instructions, in each case assume that the reader has some knowledge about their home networking equipment. To these people I always suggest to get the neighbor’s son. It has a beautiful view simple Web interface into the printer when you can change the settings, and you see all the things you want pretentious firmware and settings etc. I did not have envelopes and tried so many reviewers have said, Envelopes probably a nuisance. Even without trying, I can say. The steps are to open the front door, insert, slide the paper guides to the envelope, the envelope, push the back door of the printer down the lever two, that’s very easy and convenience. I’m highly recommended this printer for office worker and serious printer at home too and this is not my 2c, it’s real!

I buy this printer from the HL5370DW website. These website I can find lowest price because admin choose best price available from popular online store, check it and you will never regret.