Extend Laptop Battery Life, The Definitive Guide

In this era of computers such as a laptop or netbook sales is observed that sales in each month is a lot more sales and more.

That those who use most and I think it is the user who want laptop is end-user. The rest of it is he who has knowledge of computer skill. Of course, problems that would come from end-user have followed too much. One of the problems that is. “What is there to battery laptop is available for long periods. Without loss? “I see many different questions in this question many Some may be newly acquired or otherwise gone to battery deterioration must be asked. Of course, battery is not being mass other. I will bring this down to find ways to help keep the battery laptop to be with us for a long time And used as effectively as possible. First come first point to each other before.

Which part in laptop drain your energy most ?

Many people may think this is a Graphic Card or CPU, but the fact is LCD monitor. This information did not come as an impersonal but the data from Microsoft engineers developing Windows 7.

Another part you can not overlook is it is a device that uses light party all the USB port, such as mouse, flash drive, including harddisk with more as a portable (2.5 inches) commonly used in current even eating into larger if you unnecessary plug it. The information here is relevant to the next section is to customize the laptop to the lowest energy consumption.

Technical refinements to minimize power consumption laptop.

– Close the unused wireless connection.

Battery laptop disable wireless Battery laptop How to use cost-effective. The first thing to do is see if the current connection you are using is what. Like today if you do not use anything like wireless, bluetooth, put it off. If your laptop to your no buttons to take it off you can go in the window Network Sharing Center (or Network Connections in Windows XP) Right-click the symbol that does not want to use and select Disable for all at the re-use. Enable, do not forget to come by at that moment will think they are on wireless collapse.

If the Bluetooth software running on the bottom right of the screen, right click it and choose to disable (most programs have a command already exists) as this is to save the fragile steam
– Open the software you want to use only

The program which did not use it to close out only Because of the open these programs leave behind. This means that it is secretly using your computer power to process and maintain the health of itself, therefore the use which is not close to any major computer just once you faster as well.

– Adjust power options.

Another part that many people not much to adjust each option in the Windows power options that allow us to adjust that when we do not use a computer or simply leave it in blank. We can set it to power the screen dims down. On or off screen to maintain power. If the Most. To those set to go off at all. This section is part of the recommended setting off screen because it makes us save. Another really great energy saving method.

– Reduce the brightness of the display down.

Another simple way to do this as well if we do not work very serious editing graphics may be used to check other bright color screen, we could narrow down the screen brightness lower than the original to save energy than ever. But to adapt the look and comfort level to your eyes. Otherwise the lamps will not lose sight worth.

– Use hibernate instead of standby when the lid fold.

Sometimes we work on, but the reason to move to another machine to use and allows us fold down to cover temporary machine, most often set to enter standby mode to temporarily suspended. This is not an ideal way to much time off as a long time. Refinements to go into hibernate mode, I sense more than hibernate mode because I do not use energy during the folding lid (because the machine then close it off) while the standby mode power consumption of the machine is still continue.

About the battery of the laptop.

Today’s laptop battery used battery type lithium ion (Li-ion) Why, because the ratio of power per weight and less memory effect as well. What to consider this type of battery is used.

– Should not be use laptop until the shutdown itself. (Also known as the other is not used to so no power left in the battery) because it will reduce the number of charged ions to cause the go to keep left. That is why we can use the laptop should be shorter after several charge. Which is the source of symptoms known that each battery deterioration. Therefore, for the traditional beliefs. That should be used to stretch out to charge it, then it can not be used with this battery type. (should be used to charge out and then be type of traditional nickel cadmium (Ni-cd) or Hydra  Nickel Metal (Ni-mh) only).

– Should be charged at 30% charged ions to maintain the battery to the same level.

– Avoid heat is the enemy of this type of battery may cause battery deterioration faster than it should be treated if left hot Whether the heat from the sun or heat from the laptop body.

– Reset power guage’s battery every charge 30 times this is the recommendation of the program batterycare recommended to reset all charge 30 times to the battery can tell power levels are required if you use a laptop, then you become. battery problems out before provided (eg, 10% discount to shutdown now, but it actually 3% power left). This is how to calibrate laptop battery.

1. Charge battery fully.
2. To set the system to hibernate when the battery is running low.
3. Disconnect the charger and used indefinitely to themselves until it will hibernate.
4. left it 5 hours.
5. Charged to full and normal use.

How all this is how easy is not difficult and can make use of the laptop battery has a longer duration. Without having to buy new prematurely. How they can be applied to devices used the same battery type as well.

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