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The Witcher 2 Has More Ending Than Before

People waiting for The Witcher 2 may be surprise today when CD Projekt announced more detail about story of the game. They comfirm by The Witcher 2 will has 16 different ending style to choose plus more detail such as:

  • 30 armors type to choose
  • Three different opening scene
  • 4 load screens instead 700 screens from The Witcher 1
  • 256 cutscene (150 minutes long)

The Witcher 2 will release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next year.

Alfa awus036h – Information, Review and Where to Buy

Warning: (Wireless) monster inside the box!

Today I will tell you a story about Alfa awus036h, my new monster for ultimate wireless technology, before you read my review. I will explain about feature of this product.

Alfa AWUS036H Features and Specifications:

  • 4″ +2.5dBi Rubber Duck Antenna Included
  • 802.11b/g, 500mW of power which is much powerful than any other WiFi dongle on the market
  • Make your network ultra secure with 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA,WPA2, 802.11i
  • Driver support for Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, WinCE 5.0, XP, 2003, Vista, Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 and GNU/Linux. Mac 10.5 Leopard
  • Laptops with PC eXpress, Laptops with USB, Laptops with PC eXpress,  Desktops with USB, Packet Injection in Linux

Alfa awus036h come with 2.5dbi antenna which is works very well with receiver. The design of body is very sleek and beautiful. With transmitting power at 500 mW, the Alfa awus036h can pierce any wall and take advantage of other wireless receiver. I tested outdoor with stock 2.5dbi antenna from distance about 170 m with 10 walls block the way and tested result is very impressive, pinging to wireless router 5 minutes and have no problem, transmit speed average speed is 6 mbps (tested by download bittorrent for 10 minutes). From my perspective this usb dongle is worth every bucks you spend.

Another review from Joseph Miller who is my friend and using Alfa awus036h before me.

I bought this detail because I live in the area, 800 feet from the highway. My FIL, who inhabits right on tour, was recently able to get high velocity cyberspace but the transmission line company denied me telling it was too far a distance to feed the cable television services. I recently bought a laptop computer and was able to pick up a washy sign from my FIL’s router so I purchased this in hopes of furthering the signal. I immediately went from 1 bar to 3 and sometimes even 4. They are also selling this same adaptor with a bigger transmitting aerial and I am thinking about trying that one out. I have used this with Scene and XP and it works great with both though I did have to download drivers for Prospect off website but it was no big deal. I am a mum of 4 and no calculator whiz and looked the cyberspace for the best adaptor and a decent damage and was a bit a weary about this but it is working great so far.

If you want to read another review from who using this product please click this link.

Where to buy ?

I bought this product from Amazon because their store have many products variable to choose. eg. you can buy awus036h with 2.5 dbi antenna (default) or 5 dbi antenna or 9 dbi antenna! I recommended you to buy 2.5 dbi antenna kit because many store already discount this model; check here Alfa awus036h with 2.5 dbi antenna included.


See price comparison on Alfa AWUS036H here!

My new printer, Brother HL5370DW

If you want to buy some printer to work at your office or do work at home. Many people consideration is abour ink efficient, print speed , startup time but I’m think about only one consideration point, that is quality of print and this is a one of printer I buy yesterday “Brother HL5370DW” and I will share the experience for you to consider about this guy.

I decided that this is becoz the most important functions such as duplexing and wireless at an affordable price, this is all going perfectly.  It ‘s easy to see the router everything my way. duplex auto works great! There are many more expensive printers are not even the duplex. The only thing that I have this provision should be made with plastic parts, too fragile. WPA2 are connected fine and the receiver a lot. Another favorite feature, you can press the “Go” button on the printer for a few seconds and reprints of previous work for you, which comes in handy when you want to print coupons that allow only one print. I read that it is strong. I disagree. It sounds like a typical machine when printing, where the fans spin up. Heating takes a few seconds then prints at a speed that blows away my old HP 5L. Goes back to silence, once the finished work. The printer is a bit ‘big, maybe only for B / W printer, but its clean form of a nut that is well placed on the table.I installed the driver on a laptop with Windows 7 easily find the printer, virtually foolproof. I had no problems installing the software on my desktop Windows 7. For those who are intimidated by hearing words like SSID and WPA2 etc., may find the setup instructions confusing. The instructions, in each case assume that the reader has some knowledge about their home networking equipment. To these people I always suggest to get the neighbor’s son. It has a beautiful view simple Web interface into the printer when you can change the settings, and you see all the things you want pretentious firmware and settings etc. I did not have envelopes and tried so many reviewers have said, Envelopes probably a nuisance. Even without trying, I can say. The steps are to open the front door, insert, slide the paper guides to the envelope, the envelope, push the back door of the printer down the lever two, that’s very easy and convenience. I’m highly recommended this printer for office worker and serious printer at home too and this is not my 2c, it’s real!

I buy this printer from the HL5370DW website. These website I can find lowest price because admin choose best price available from popular online store, check it and you will never regret.

Extend Laptop Battery Life, The Definitive Guide

In this era of computers such as a laptop or netbook sales is observed that sales in each month is a lot more sales and more.

That those who use most and I think it is the user who want laptop is end-user. The rest of it is he who has knowledge of computer skill. Of course, problems that would come from end-user have followed too much. One of the problems that is. “What is there to battery laptop is available for long periods. Without loss? “I see many different questions in this question many Some may be newly acquired or otherwise gone to battery deterioration must be asked. Of course, battery is not being mass other. I will bring this down to find ways to help keep the battery laptop to be with us for a long time And used as effectively as possible. First come first point to each other before. Continue reading Extend Laptop Battery Life, The Definitive Guide

EPSON EX31 LCD Portable Digital Projector

Projector, another way for presentation and entertainment. Today projector has so many brand and model with different technology. LCD projector is one of most popular in present because quality of images on the screen. Also come with higher resolution and contrast is better. I recommended Epson EX31 LCD Projector because it look elegance and many function and purpose.
Continue reading EPSON EX31 LCD Portable Digital Projector

TomTom Portable GPS Unit with 4.3″ display

GPS (Global Positioning System) is space-based navigation systems that can provide information about your location and time. GPS system need four or more GPS satellites maintain by United States for reference location.

Today GPS is very popular device to use in vehicle, adventure and has various model and function. TomTom is one of best seller and very popular brand in the world because reliable and fast navigation system. Highly recommended TomTom portable gps unit listed below. Continue reading TomTom Portable GPS Unit with 4.3″ display